Specialty Ships

MV “Oceanic Discoverer”

The 63 metre SOLAS passenger cruise ship was constructed in 2005 for operations in Australia and international waters.

MV “Micat”

The 58 metre vehicle/passenger RORO ferry was built in 2004 to service island operations out of Brisbane.

TSHD Brisbane

The 84 metre trailing suction hopper dredger was built in 2000 for the Port of Brisbane Corporation to service major ports on the Queensland east coast.

MV “Aburri”

The 80 metre self loading and unloading covered transfer ship was built in 1995 to service the lead-zinc concentrate mining industry.

ORV “Franklin”

The 55 metre Oceanographic Research Vessel was built in 1985 for the Australian CSIRO.

John Oxley And Amity

The 79.5 metre split hopper barge “John Oxley” and the 63.5 metre spud controlled cutter suction dredger “Amity” were built in 1990 for Queensland Cement Limited.

High Speed Passenger Ferries

  • Wavepiercers
  • Catamarans
  • Low Wash Ferries

NQEA commenced construction of high speed aluminium ferries in 1982 and to date has built 56 vessels and designed a further 13 built by other shipyards, both in Australia and Europe. These ferries include wavepiercers, ultra-low wash River Runners®, hard chine and round bilge catamarans, monohulls and hovercraft. Propulsion power has generally relied on diesel engines however the Seajet® waterjet vehicle and passenger ferries power their waterjets using gas turbines.

NQEA designed and constructed River Runner® operate in French Polynesia and Holland with 11 in operation on the River Thames in London.


“Hover Mirage I and II”

These 24.4 metre AP1-88 hovercraft were built in 1987 for a hotel operation in Port Douglas. One vessel was then converted to a freighter for a mining venture in Canada.

“Tien Peng Yang I and II”

These AP1-88 hovercraft were built in 1990 for an operation in Taiwan.


The AP1-88 hovercraft was built in 1995 for crew and freight transfer (via magnetic walkway) to oil platforms in Africa.