Non-Destructive Testing

NQEA operates a NATA accredited Laboratory for a range of Non-Destructive Testing techniques.

NDT is an essential tool for many critical systems and fabricated items.

From pelton wheels in hydroelectric power stations to welding operator qualifications to multistage booms on concrete pumps, NDT techniques are almost limitless in their application.

NQEA has accreditation for the following techniques:

  • Radiographic imaging (X-Ray);
  • Radiographic interpretation:
  • Ultrasonic examination (UT);
  • Magnetic particle examination;
  • Penetrant examination (Dye Pen);
  • Visual examination.

The above descriptions are generic. Precise descriptions in accordance with NQEA’s NATA scope of accreditation may be requested by contacting .

NQEA provides NDT services to:

  • Steel fabricators;
  • Power utilities;
  • Shipyards and ship owners;
  • Local and regional miners;
  • Machinery operators, suppliers and maintainers;
  • High risk equipment owners and operators;
  • NQEA’s business activities.