Defence Vessels

Landing Craft Mechanised

11 of these 22 metre LCM8’s were constructed from 1965 to 1967 for the Australian Army and are today still in active service.

Aluminium Work Boats

22 of these 12 metre fully welded aluminium workboats were built from 1978 to 1981 with 15 vessels for the RAN and the remaining 7 for the Army.

Fremantle Class Patrol Boats

14 of these 42 metre FCPBs were built from 1981 to 1984 for the RAN. NQEA received the inaugural Defence Industry Award.

Hydrographic Survey Ships

These highly sophisticated 71 metre ships HMAS “Leeuwin” and “Melville” were commissioned in 2000 for the RAN. NQEA also provided follow-on support.

Survey Motor Boat

The 10.5 metre all aluminium HMAS “Condor” was built in 2002 for operations with the RAN Hydrographic service.

Coast Guard Patrol Boat

The 25 metre aluminium catamaran “Wauri” was built in 1988 for the Australian Customs and Fisheries Queensland.

Coast Guard Patrol Boat

The 20 metre aluminium monohull “New Investigator” was built in 1989 for the National Safety Council before entering service for Australian Customs and Queensland Fisheries.

Personnel Carriers

The 22 metre aluminium catamarans “PVT Sorenson” and “PVT Anderson” were built in 2004 for the US Army base at Kwajalein.